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Lanp(For varlous lasers
➡ Xenon/Krypton/Various lamps
➡ Mirror/Lense/Filter/Grating/Etalon/
  Corner Cube/Optics for various Kings of lasers
➡ Directlic multi-layer coating
Laser Dye
➡ Laser Dye
➡ Monochromator Spectrometer
EO/AO  Q Switch ・ Modulator
➡ EO Q-Switch/AO Q-Switch/EO Modulator/
  AO Modulator/LN Modulator
Nonllnear Optkal Crystal
➡ KTP,BBO,LBO and others
Isolator ・ Rotator
➡ Isolator/Rotator
Measuring System
➡ Power Mater
➡ High Speed Detector
➡ Laser Rider
Optical Bench
➡ Over Sea's Makers' Products
➡ Japanese Suppliers' Products
➡ Laser Perlpheral Equipments/Optical Chopper/
  Lock-in Amp
Power Supply
➡ Capacitor Charge Power Supply/DC Power Supply
➡ High Voltage Semiconductor Switch
➡ Cusom Made Power Supply
Carbon Nano-Tube
➡ Carbon Nano-Tube/Multi-wall Nano-Tube
➡ Vacuum Components
➡ Multi-Channel Plate
➡ Other Vacuum Components
Gas Generator
➡ Gas Generator/Permeation Tube and others
Custom-Made Sysem
➡ 140w Heating Laser
➡ Air-cooled 50W LD aser
➡ Polarization Measurement System
➡ 2ch. Heating & Cooling Thermo Controlor
➡ OME LD Power Supply Module
➡ Q-Switch Driver

A variety of products from different makers.
Introduction to various kinds of products, from mirror for laser to polarizer.

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